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Stories Grownups Need to Hear

Stories Grownups Need to Hear

When you were a child, how many times did you stand there tongue-tied, wanting desperately to explain something to a grownup, but not having the vocabulary or the strength to do so? Maybe it was about something you did, maybe something you felt. Perhaps you needed to defend yourself before the Parental Inquisition and, failing the words to do so, threw yourself at the mercy of the court. Maybe you didn't know how to put your thought into words. Maybe you knew exactly what you wanted to say, but feared the repurcussions of speaking out. Maybe you didn't even know how you felt at the time, and only through later reflection did you understand what your mindset was back then.

This is the space where we can finally tell these stories. This is where adults can speak for the child within, and finally tell the world what was going on back then.

Although I have no children of my own, I have had to care for children from time to time. Through observation and personal experience, one thing I have discovered is that there's nothing like having to care for a child to make one forget what it was ever like to be a child. This leads to much anger and frustration between both caretaker and child. Many of these stories involve such lack of empathy and miscommunication. I hope that these stories can provide some insight to today's parents and caretakers, so that they may understand why their charges think and act the way they do.

I will be updating this page regularly with my own stories. If you have any that you would like to share, mail them to me and I will include them. All stories will be attributed, unless the author requests anonymity.

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