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Home Life

I live in Worcester, Massachusetts with my wife, Tamara, and lots of animals.

We currently live in a 100-year-old house that we're busy fixer-uppering. We thought we knew what we were in for when we bought it, but reality is another story. We thought we'd renovate the whole place top-to-bottom in one year. That was ten years ago. It's just as well, really; we've learned a lot about houses and buildings since then. If we did it all the first year with the knowledge we had then, we'd have spent the other nine undoing our mistakes anyway. Procrastination does have its advantages 8-).

In addition to the house, we have 52 acres in Phillipston, Massachusetts that we're going to build a house on eventually. Actually a house, a garage, a greenhouse, a workshop, a studio... you get the idea. At present, all we've got out there is the land, the cabin that was on the land (we didn't know about the cabin at the time we bought it!), a tractor, and several piles of building materials that we've picked up at various auctions. And rocks. Lots of rocks. Have you ever heard the old riddle: "If God is omnipotent, can he create a rock so big he cannot lift it?" Well, I think God actually tried this out one day, and he dumped all of his practice rocks on our land. When we started digging around on the land, we found rocks too big for us to dig out. No sooner did I buy myself a backhoe than I found rocks too big for the backhoe to lift. I've toyed with the idea of getting a bigger backhoe, but I'm afraid of what I'd find then....

Take a look at the family photo album.

Work Life

My business card says that I'm a principal software engineer with the Alpha Migration Tools Group at Digital Equipment Corporation. I've worked in UNIX internals for the past ten years with such companies as Digital, Stratus, Encore Computer, and Sequoia Systems.

My current project is porting Linux to DEC Alpha systems. I first became interested in multi-user, multi-tasking operating systems on small systems back when I was a user consultant at a computer facility in college. The system manager at this facility used to yell at me all the time for abusing my privileges (or stealing privileges I didn't have) for the sake of helping users get their work done. Steamed, I vowed that one day I'd get my very own multiuser system where I could be the boss and do as I pleased. At first, I tried implementing such a thing on my TRS-80, but gave up after a few days. Since then I got a PeeCee and I've had a keen interest in UNIX on personal systems. I have tried virtually every UNIX-like system ever produced for the Intel x86 platform. My journey through the world of personal UNIX systems has brought me in contact with PCNX, Minix, various System V ports, Coherent, 386BSD, BSDI, and Linux. Of these, of course, I like Linux the best.

Wanna know even more about Linux/Alpha? Check out the FAQ!

Yeah, I'll admit it, I'm a geek: GAT d-@ H+ s:+ g+ p?@ au a w+@ v-@ C++ UL(O)+++$ P+ L+++ 3 N+@ E-@ K W M-- V-- +po- Y+(++) t++ 5+ j(+) R G? tv+ b++@ D B-------- e-(*) u++@ h- f+ r+++ n+(---) y+++@

Hobbies & Interests Here, in no particular order, are various things I'm interested in. I'll provide more detail eventually...

I'm sure I'll think of others as well 8-)

Friends & Family So, how would you like to save money on your long-distance service?

Just kidding, don't run away 8-). Here are links to home pages owned by various folks I know and love

So far, only one member of my family has a page on the Web: my sister Lisa.

Here's the Elbows homepage. If you gotta ask, you don't want to know...

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