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Jim & Tam's Photo Album

Jim & Tam's Photo Album

Me and Tamara

Who says men can't be cat people? 8-)

Gazing out to sea in Alaska, August 1990

My lovely wife Tamara at her college reunion in 1992.

The happy couple (including a very rare shot of yours truly wearing a non-tacky necktie!)

While Jim is normally a modest person, he's been ocasionally known to toot his own horn...

The Family

My dad, my mom, and me at my house in 1993.

My father at his last Christmas, in 1994.

My sister Lisa.

My mother and sister at a Star Trek convention. Yes, Mom is an Admiral in this picture, and would you believe she's related to the Picard family?

The Land

You can see a picture of yours truly on the tractor on my home page. Tam is just as capable an operator. It's wonderful to be married to someone who shares one's enthusiasm for toys... er, tools!

The Animals

Ebony being a stealth kitty.

Don't stick your tongue out at me, Athena!

Cleo playing with a strawberry, while Ebony looks on

Close-up of Cleo playing with a strawberry

Timbrel when she was two days old, sitting in Jim's hand.

The rabbit and the cats get along just fine!

Another look at a couple of chinchillas.

A night shot of the peacock in his pen out on the land.

A night shot of the peahen in her pen out on the land. She's much less photogenic than her mate; peahens are pretty drab by comparison to peacocks. Their sounds, however, are about equally horrendous!

Put together a pea-cock and a pea-hen and sooner or later you're going to get pea-eggs. We were surprised to find eight of them one day; we figured our birds were too young and had a least a year to go before they could be expected to breed. Alas, none of the eggs appear to be fertile. We tried incubating them with no success. If my kitchen weren't under renovation, I'd have expermented with their culinary properties as well 8-) They're about 50% larger than extra-large supermarket eggs, but I have no idea what they taste like (did somebody say "They taste just like chicken eggs?" 8-) ).

The House

Here I peeled back the wallpaper in the hallway one layer at a time to show the progression of styles through the years. Different patterns appear at different places in the house.

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