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Tamu Fine Art -

Tamu Fine Art

Paintings, Computer Art, & 3D Works

Tamara Gurevitz



Artist Bio

I was born in New York City but grew up in various towns around Boston. While my parents, both of whom enjoyed the arts, encouraged me to explore my own artistic outlets, my first interest was the hard sciences. Seeking a career in astronomy, I attended Wellesley College. A career switch to computer science later led me to pursue a degree at Clark University. Marriage, the loss of technical jobs within a reasonable commute, and an antique house undergoing endless renovation projects drove me back to art for its therapeutic benefits. I discovered I had a talent and decided to become a professional artist.

I enjoy exploring different media and styles although this can make it difficult to accumulate a large body of work in any one style and bemuses gallery owners and reviewers attempting to classify my work. My artistic vision continues to be strongly influenced by those of my parents. My father, a Holocaust survivor originally from Vilna, Poland, was a psychoanalyst who also painted and sculpted highly abstracted works. My mother, born in Haiti and now retired in Tucson, Arizona, paints large figures or fanciful birds in the colorful, naïve style of the Caribbean. I’ve adopted some of their intense emotional expressions, from brooding to lyrical, as well as a tendency towards strong lines and bold colors. Combined with influences from such great artists as Joan Miro and Paul Klee, I seek to present the viewer with images that lead to new thoughts and insights.

Artist Statement

I have been surrounded by artistic expressions all my life and strive to develop a visual vocabulary to use in sharing the stories bubbling inside me. My love of music, the hard sciences, and philosophy regularly influences the vision and direction of my work. A painting might be suggested by a passage in a science fiction story or a symphonic performance. Sculptures have been spawned by my excitement at new discoveries in medicine or engineering. I want my art to evoke those same intriguing sensations and novel thoughts in those who view them.

I currently work in acrylics and in oils on canvas or on heavy weight watercolor paper. With the use of a digital drawing tablet, I also produce computer generated artwork printed on glossy paper. I have carved sculptures in marble, alabaster, clay, papier-mâché, plaster, and wood.