Barn Raising - Part 2
Special Delivery - 1 barn, some assembly required

The barn parts arrived on a flatbed truck about two weeks before the actual barn-raising.  There was some consternation and confusion about the actual delivery.  Due to some miscommunications, it was not delivered until a week after we originally expected it would be.  On top of that, the truck driver had a bit of a hard time finding us.  Thank heaven for cellphones so we could all eventually rendezvous at the proper location.

There was also some concern about offloading procedure.  Originally, I stated that I'd have a  front-end loader available for doing the offloading.  Then my equipment broke down.  When I informed the shipper of this, he said "Well, you'd better have a crew... the driver is an older fellow who probably can't be much help".  That was an understatement!  The driver was 69 years old, unshaven, asthmatic, and a chain-smoker (to his credit, he was a colorful fellow with interesting stories to tell too!).  Fortunately, I'd managed to line up a couple of helpers, and my buddy Neil (bless him!) was able to bring his tractor down to do the deed.  We let the driver unbundle the load and we did the rest with reasonable dispatch.

There it is!  One barn, some assembly required.  The truss piecees are in the foreground.  The wrapped pile just to the left of them in front is the lumber.  The crate to the right of the trusses is all the assembly hardware.  Behind the crate are the endwall columns.  On top of the blue-tarped pile is all the sheathing.  The blue-tarped pile and the big wrapped pile in the background are not part of the kit.

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